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  • If you have several accounts with the CU you can now bundle your accounts.  This option means no more signing in and out of accounts to check on things.  We know many of you have been asking for this option.  Please just email us under Self Service letting us know the acounts you would like bundled and which one you want to be your primary account. 
  • Also, under Self Service you can set up alerts to be emailed to you when your account goes under a certain dollar amount, when a large deposit has hit your account and other options are now available to you.

  • A third feature under Self Service under Personal Information you can "nickname" your accounts to where you don't see all the numbers.  Like your Christmas Club account you can now view as Christmas Club.

  • You can now view pending activity on your account.  When looking at account history above the numbers in blue you will see pending activity click on the words to see what transactions are going to be coming into your account.

 Our online banking has your login ID as your account number and your first login in security code is the last 4 of the primary's social security number.  You are required to have an email address on file for you to have online banking.  You may click enroll online to access your account.

  • How do I view my Estatement.  After logging into Virtual Branch, select the "Self Service" tab to view the e-statment link.  If you are having problems pulling your e-statement you need to check your pop up blocker it needs to be off to pull e-statements.   Also, you may have a tab behind your current tab where the statement has pulled you just have to click on the tab to view your statement.
  • Now on the new system an Enhanced Authentication screen will display. Please follow the prompts.  Should you get locked out with Enhanced Authentication, and there is a valid e-mail in your Online Banking account, an e-mail with a Reset Security Code will be sent to your e-mail address in 10 to 15 minutes.    Once Enhanced Authentication is complete,  your normal Online Banking session will begin. The screens will be different but are very easy to navigate.
  • How do I get my password reset if I block myself out?  You need to have a valid email address with the CU and an email will be sent to reset your account.  There will be an option on the screen for you to click that you forgot your password.  If we don't have a valid email address you will have to contact us to set up your email and then it will be the following day before you can get into your account.



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