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Visa Credit Card  

AS LOW AS 10.5% 

Annual Membership Fee NONE
Grace Period For Purchases* 25 days
Method for Computing The Balance For Purchases Average daily balance including new purchases*
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Visa Credit Card Replacement Fee 1st Time  $5.00
Visa Credit Card Replacement Fee 2nd Time $10.00
Visa Credit Card Replacement Fee 3rd Time+ $30.00
Visa Credit Card Replacement Expedited $35.00
Cash Advance Fee NONE
Expedited Payment $20.00
Non-Member Cash Advance (minimum $100) $15.00
*A finance charge will be imposed on Credit purchases only if you elect not to pay the entire New Balance shown on your monthly statement for the previous billing cycle within 25 days from the closing date of the statement. If you elect not to pay the entire New Balance shown on your previous monthly statement within the 25 day period, a Finance Charge will be imposed on the unpaid average daily balance of such Credit Purchases from the previous statement closing date and on the new Credit Purchases from the date of posting to your account during the current billing cycle, and will continue to accrue until the closing date of the billing cycle preceding the date on which the entire New Balance is paid in full or until the date of payment if more than 25 days from the closing date.
*The Finance Charge for a billing cycle is computed by applying the monthly Periodic Rate to the average daily balance of Credit Purchases, which is determined by dividing the sum of the daily balances during the billing cycle by the number of days in the cycle. Each daily balance of Credit Purchases is determined by adding the outstanding unpaid balance of Credit Purchases at the beginning of the billing cycle any new Credit Purchases posted to your account, and subtracting any payments as received and credits as posted to your account, but excluding any unpaid Finance Charges.
*A finance charge will be assessed on cash advances from the date of the cash advance, or the first day of the billing cycle in which the cash is posted, whichever is later, and will continue to accrue until payment in full is made.
Schedule of Fees
This fee schedule discloses fees applicable to all share deposit accounts and all services offered by Corning Cable Systems Credit Union, and is supplied as a supplement to your account agreement. Please call (828) 901-5101 to obtain the most current fee information. Members accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration up to $250,000.
Account Fees  
Sharedraft/Checking Account (Must purchase checks) No Charge
Low Balance Fee Share Account   per month $5.00
Automatic Overdraft Transfer From Shares $5.00 Each
Christmas Club Withdrawals $5.00 Each
IRS or State Levy/Garnishment $30.00
Early Account Closing (less than 6 months) $30.00
Escheat Fee $30.00
Collateral Protection Insurance 1% of Premium

  BillPay Service Fees

Less than 2 bills paid per calendar month $5.00 per month
Savings Fees   
Membership fee (minimum balance required for regular savings) 25.00
More than three withdrawals from savings by any method within a calendar month $2.00 each
Visa Check Card Fees  
Visa Check Card- 5 or more ATM  Withdrawals $1.00 each
Visa Check Card Replacement 1st Time $5.00
Visa Check Card Replacement 2nd Time $10.00
Visa Check Card Replacment 3rd Time+ $20.00
Visa Check Card Replacement Expedited up to $35.00
Pin Mailer, first time No Charge
Pin Mailer, each subsequent $5.00
Other Applicable Fees  
Late payment fee for loans if more than 15 days past due 4% of payment due

Loan Extension Request (per loan)


Loan Subor dination Request

Title Processing Fee(effective 9/1/2015) $20.00
Carfax Report $25.00
Insufficient funds (NSF) return per item $30.00
Insufficient funds (NSF) per ATM withdrawal $30.00
Returned Deposit Item $15.00
NSF Hold $30.00
Stop Payment, per ACH payment $20.00
Stop Payment per check item $20.00
Official Credit Union Check (no charge if made out to govt agency or you the member)


Verification Of Deposit $10.00
Sharedraft/Check Copy $2.50
Printout /Statement Copy $5.00
Returned Mail Per Item $5.00
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $20.00
Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer  $5.00
Outgoing International Wire Transfer $50.00
Incoming International Wire Transfer $10.00
Checkbook Balancing or Account Research $15.00 per hour
Notary Service: Members 1-3 Signatures No Charge
Notary Service: Members after 3 Signatures $5.00 per Signature 
Notary Service: Non-Members (all Signatures) $5.00 per Signature 



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